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For the past 9 years, Bob has been President of RJR Consulting, Inc. The corporate assists the pharmaceutical, medical gadget and biotech industries in understanding and complying with International Laws affecting compliance, new product growth, manufacturing and quality assurance. RJR has workplaces in Columbus, OH, Washington, DC, Brussels, Belgium with exclusive associates across Asia and Latin America. Bob has 28 years of past business expertise as a CMC specialist, R&D Director and World Director of Regulatory Affairs for Merion Merrill Dow pharmaceuticals and Cordis-Dow medical units. He has a BS / MS diploma in Chemistry.

A recent examine conducted at Ontario’s McMaster University revealed how a gaggle of postmenopausal ladies who participated in a yr lengthy energy coaching program. The research proved that power training may increase spinal bone mass. In reality, within the majority of the ladies who participated showed their spinal bone mass was elevated by up to …